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Chair massage in Nairobi.

Book our girls for a quick Chair massage in your office.

Chair massage is when you are fully seated on a portable, specially designed chair. They usually massage your neck, shoulders, back, arms and arms. The chair massage focuses on the areas that are most pressing on your back, shoulders, neck, arms and arms. Our girls will Massage on your clothes without massage oil. When massaging the chair, you sit in a separate chair, with your back facing down to rest on your face, supporting your arms to rest. Our Massage therapist eliminates muscle tension with knees and acupressure, without using oil. This treatment is as effective as other massage techniques. Contrary to what some might think, chair massage is not just a shoulder massage Are you busy and you may not be able to devote as much time to massage as often as you would like? You may feel stressed between these massages. It is a good way to relax into your life more gradually, without the need for more time or money. It is done on a specially designed chair with shoulder, neck and upper back massages. The Nairobi raha massage also includes the hands and hands and lower back. This type of massage usually does not deepen the muscles like a full-body massage, but it is designed to relax the muscles and improve flexibility and movement. It is faster and cheaper than a full body massage. Most sessions are cheap and offer sessions in the 15-30 minute range. If you don’t have time on your schedule for a full body massage, this is a good option It is convenient to have it. Often times, massage chair girls set up booths in queues or in places where people know that people are feeling overwhelmed or stressed, such as shopping malls and airports. By taking just 15 minutes of your day, you can help reduce your stress and increase your well-being. Couples massage